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Lightning60 HE Keyboard Driver Download

OGM Cloud Driver Download

OGM One (PAW 3325) Driver Download

OGM Pro (PAW 3395) Driver Download

OGM Pro (PAW 3395) Firmware Upgrader (4K) Download

13 thoughts on “Software for Waizowl Peripherals

  1. Hi there, is there any extra step needed to update the competitive firmware after downloading & installing it?

      1. I’d like to buy the ogm cloud but had a few questions regarding customs and shipping. Who and how do I contact you guys/waizowl support

  2. Hello, I have an issue regarding my OGM WAIZOWL pro, I tried to update the firmware to competitive mode, but my pc froze so I had to shut him down, and now my mouse wont respond no matter what I do, tried uninstalling via device manager as well. Any help would be appreciated, cheers

    1. hi,Turn the firmware back on, and both the mouse (USB link) and the receiver (plugged into the computer) are connected to the computer,If you have any other questions, you can contact me directly by official email:)

    1. hi WHY,
      The official website has uploaded the cloud driver. If you can’t download it, please contact me by email and I will send you the files and steps separately

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