「Dream for players」

On the evening of September 20, 2022, a mouse enthusiast approached our JD store customer service. Upon arrival, he asked if he could meet the manager and presented his discussion records with friends in the WeChat group. The mold made by this miscellaneous mouse brand is quite good. Seeing this sentence, I was immediately angry and added Dage’s WeChat account, wanting to speak to him well. After getting in touch, we realized that in the face of Dago’s rich experience and wide network, our initial exploration and progress were suddenly overshadowed. Afterwards, under the guidance of communication between him and the experts in the peripheral industry he brought, we developed a unique mouse mold paired with the best OGM PRO chips and sensors on the market. At the same time, we also had a clearer product production direction and a more firm creative philosophy.

The WAIZOWL brand is built on the experience of mouse development and production over the past 20 years, but we are a dream factory born from the player community, where everyone is a peripheral enthusiast or a fan of esports. Therefore, compared to appearance, we will pay more attention to the user experience. Our research focuses on whether users can have a better gaming experience and work state during use. And we will continue to implement the basic concept of focusing on product process experience and work results to the end.

「Bringing players’ pure peripheral dreams into reality」

The brand logo of Waikowl is Owl. Owls are raptors in the animal kingdom and are natural hunters. In the gaming world, most players also play the role of a hunter. Interestingly, many players play games at night or even late at night, similar to owls hunting at night. WAIZOWL is a transliteration of the phonetic alphabet Wiseowl. It means intelligent owl

Waizowl’s products are always player centric and committed to providing a better user experience for every user. We have always known that every player has unique needs and expectations, so the product range is not limited to mouse, but also keyboard, headset, Mousepad and various peripheral products. We will combine player experience and feedback to develop molds, using the appearance that players most want, coupled with the best internal configurations on the market, and finally making them into finished products to present.

Waizowl’s brand philosophy is to ‘fulfill players’ dreams’.

Rather than being a brand or company, we are more like a group of players full of love and creativity. Even customer service personnel are players who love peripherals and esports. We firmly believe that only by always standing within the player community can we persistently listen to everyone’s voices; Only then can we make everyone more aware of our intentions; Only then can we provide better service and more desirable products for everyone.

Waizowl always welcomes the participation and cooperation of every object or group that identifies with and supports us. We will also try our best to sell on multiple platforms and regions while ensuring product and service quality. Let players’ love for esports move towards a wider and wider world

Sales channels

Domestic retail platforms:

Waikowl Flagship Store (JD)

Miaowu Peripheral (Taobao)

Fairy E-sports Hall (Pinduoduo)

Overseas distribution platforms:

Max gaming (Europe)

Mechkeys (USA)

Mketech (USA)


GearFreak co (South Korea)

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