Color Scheme:
Just as ancient people observed the stars to convey emotions or predict fortunes, today we gaze at the night sky to make wishes or contemplate our destinies. Over time, the world has transformed, but the constellations remain constant. Throughout millennia, human curiosity and exploration of the universe have never ceased.
The keycap design features a dark gradient base color adorned with shimmering bright elements, as if unfolding the entire night sky before our eyes. The striking golden lines on the deep blue background resemble star trajectories, indicating the path to all illumination. This design not only provides visual enjoyment of being immersed in the stellar expanse but also reveals the mysterious and profound magical elements hidden among the vast array of stars.

Throughout history, both Eastern and Western cultures have practiced the mystical art of astrology to observe the rise and fall of fortunes. In modern times, people are fascinated by reading star charts or fortune-telling with tarot cards. To add uniqueness and visual appeal to the design, the flowing golden lines simulate the effect of gilded embellishments. The deep blue background highlights the celestial elements, symbolizing the passage of time. The decorative patterns incorporate a Tarot-inspired style and circular geometric combinations reminiscent of a clock or compass. Drawing inspiration from the constellations, the characters in the letter and number areas are designed with a triangular structure, as if hiding the starry constellations within each exquisite keycap, where the stars are within reach. It resembles an ancient mystical scroll placed on the desk, ready to be explored, allowing one to experience the secrets of magical fantasies.

In the vast expanse of the universe, each celestial body exists as a timeless entity. Despite the countless stars scattered in the endless darkness, each one follows its unique trajectory. They may appear minuscule, yet they twinkle with steadfast determination, illuminating their solitary paths.

The stars serve as eternal guides. The design of this keycap, encompassing its colors, characters, and elements, aims to embody and accentuate this theme. Throughout the annals of time, humanity has yearned for these distant “beacons” to steer their course. For ages, the stars have witnessed countless unspoken aspirations and yearnings in the depths of night, transmuting them into eternal poetry etched upon the vast canvas of the night sky. Ideals persist, yearnings endure. And thus, “Starry Poems” is born, capturing the essence of this timeless inspiration.

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