The sonnet, originating from Italian folk tradition, is a form of lyrical poetry known for its strict structure. It is often used to celebrate love and express humanistic ideals. Shakespeare’s sonnets, on the other hand, primarily draw from his understanding of social and human aspects. They are highly poetic, gentle, and mellifluous, with intricate rhyme schemes.

The design inspiration for the “Sonnet” keycap is derived from the 18th sonnet of Shakespeare. The overall design focuses primarily on typography, reducing the prominence of visual patterns. Large letters serve as auxiliary elements, while elegant calligraphy features selected excerpts from Shakespeare’s poetry. Each key represents a word, and each row represents a line, with overlapping and scattered text elements. The design embodies simplicity with cleverness and maintains order within the seemingly chaotic arrangement.

The color scheme incorporates vintage brick red and chartreuse green, complemented by the warm yellow hue of parchment paper. Several delicate patterns and portraits adorn the individual keys, giving the keycap set the appearance of an ancient poetry collection or a manuscript filled with scattered inspirations and musings. The comfortable feel of the DCA keycap profile allows users to experience the literary charm and romantic poetry reminiscent of the European Renaissance with each gentle touch.

Shakespeare’s sonnets, with their passionate emotions, exquisite language, and marvelous metaphors, have captivated countless individuals, leaving them in awe. The poet himself lamented the brevity of summer, the obscuring of sunlight, and the eventual withering of all things in the world. However, the beauty of poetry never fades; the romance of literature endures in the realm of humanity.

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