“The beautiful moments and scenery, why are they subject to the whims of the weather? The delightful activities and joyful moments, who owns the courtyard where they are enjoyed?”

The design of this keycap is inspired by “A Dream in the Garden”, an excerpt from the Kunqu Opera “The Peony Pavilion”.
Among the repertoire, the love story between Du Liniang and Liu Mengmei is the most fascinating.
In the drawing of the keycaps, the sad feelings and the feeling of depression under the shackles of the feudal ethics in the song are omitted.
The gifted man and the beautiful woman travel together to enjoy the spring, leaving alone the ease and joy of the warm wind and warm sun.

Clear skies with scattered flowers, mountains with lingering snow;
Morning unfurls, evening rolls up, with raindrops and gusts of wind.
Without entering the garden, how can one truly know the essence of spring?
In joyful dreams, who is the companion in this journey?

As spring has passed, do you still yearn for those beautiful sunny days? “Dream of Wandering in the Garden” captures the joyful companionship of young boys and girls dressed in Hanfu garments, presenting the romantic and poetic ambiance of spring flowers and warm sunshine within the dancing fingertips. The DCA keycap profile, designed to fit the curves of your fingertips, provides an extra level of comfort and warmth. When you touch the keys, will you recall the companions with whom you once strolled through the garden? Until the next February day when the grass grows and the birds fly, let us join hands and walk together once again.

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