“The green fields stretch with continuous rolling hills.”

The design inspiration is drawn from a photo of the cloudy Scandinavian mountains in Northern Europe. Flowing lines and simple color blocks are used to recreate the vast grassy slopes and dark coniferous forests.

Paired with the new DCA high-profile keycaps that enhance the typing comfort, as your fingertips touch them, it feels as if you are immersed in a green meadow, experiencing the shape of the wind and listening to the sounds of nature.

The layered blocks of different shades and the streamlined lines resemble the flowing wind and undulating waves of grass, capturing the serene mountains at the end of the wilderness.

Three different shades of green echo the shades of beige,
With reference to the character design of “rune characters” and the digital design of the vine shape,
Make the whole picture like a wilderness oil painting with Nordic impression style.

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