A bold collision of pink and black, a marvelous combination of sweetness and coolness. There is no excessive sweetness of typical pink, nor the heaviness that comes with dark colors.

Candlesticks and birdcages, along with tombstones and little pumpkins with bat wings, depict a dark and eerie style. These patterns are drawn with pink lines on a black background, transforming elements that originally belonged to horror stories into adorable and lively motifs.

The design of “Blackberry Pop” breaks the conventional notion that “pink represents gentleness.” This time, the traditionally sweet color is paired with different shades of black, creating a rebellious and edgy style with a strong personality. Despite featuring many adorable small patterns, it manages to avoid becoming overly cutesy or monotonous.

Just like a masked sweetheart, beneath the serious and earnest facade may lie a mischievous and cunning heart.

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