“Embark on a baking dream in the color of strawberry cream cake.”

I wonder how many people, like myself,
were always captivated by the sweet aroma every time they passed by a bakery or dessert shop when they were young.
An array of exquisite treats displayed in glass cases, as if they were the most precious treasures in the world, enticing but out of reach.
Dreams of becoming a pastry chef took root with such longing,
Hoping that one day they could pipe beautiful decorations and create adorable patterns with their own hands.

The dreams of our youth, simple and pure, often seem impractical as we grow older, leaving behind a trace of regret when we reminisce.
However, even if we cannot become real pastry chefs, we can still showcase our dreams in another way.
Biscuits, cakes, creamy ice cream—exquisite desserts are now illustrated on each petite keycap.
Mixers, bread knives, spatulas, and all the baking tools one could imagine, creating a dazzling spectacle.
What was once a curiosity beyond our touch is now right before our eyes,
As if a thrilling game of pretend has unfolded on the keyboard,
Sweet colors adorn the faded dreams of adulthood.

With its fresh and light shade of pale pink, transitioning like sweet strawberry cream,
It resembles both the sweet dreams of a childhood pastry chef, filled with innocence and haze,
The imperfect characters seem to be written on the cream with jam.
The entire keycap design exudes a sweet and adorable style,
Hoping that the hearts of every user can be healed by the sweetness of desserts,
And may all our childhood dreams blossom quietly in another place.

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