Hello , dear customer!
Would you like to treat yourself to a delectable dessert?

Inspired by the dessert “Yam Mochi Shaved Ice,”
we have perfectly replicated the beautiful gradient created by the rich and creamy purple sweet potato paste and the delicate and soft taro paste on the keycaps.
A refreshing blend of sweet milk and ice is served in the cup, where the creamy white and deep purple shades intertwine and merge.

Soft and chewy taro balls are delicately scattered throughout, forming tiny circles around the characters,
Making every tap of your fingertips feel the playful bounce and resilience of the taro balls.

The cool deep purple and warm pinkish-purple create a harmoniously soft color scheme for the keycaps,
The characters and designs are kept simple, with lively doodles or Japanese characters, adding richness without overcrowding the visuals;
The intention behind crafting these keycaps was to provide users with a sense of visual relaxation,
Amidst their busy work or daily lives, to evoke the warmth felt in their hearts when savoring a dessert like Yam Mochi Shaved Ice.

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