What does early summer taste like?
Is it the moist scent of rain-mingled earth and fresh grass?
Is it the refreshing aroma of sweet watermelon, its juices splashing upon slicing?
Or is it the symphony of buzzing air conditioning and the clattering of keyboards in the office,
With a cup of chilled matcha milk tea by your side, emanating a cool tea fragrance and creamy milkiness?

The delicate tea powder, thoroughly whisked with a bamboo whisk, melds into a cup of rich and deep emerald green.
Then, as the milk pours in, the vibrant green disperses, turning clear yet not transparent, bitter yet not astringent.
Adorable and sweet syrups adorn its surface, while lively ice cubes jingle and dance inside the cup,
Colliding with each sway, creating a crisp sound; the refreshing and sweet fragrance of matcha milk tea bursts forth,
In just a moment, it unveils the entire summer.

There’s always a cup or two of tea in this world, relieving my three hundred and sixty weariness.
Matcha milk tea seems to capture the lush shade of summer within its confines,
The pure and delightful simplicity of the whimsical doodles, like tiny spirits on the spacebar, carefully whisk away your “jaded green.”
The imperfect characters draw memories back to carefree years,
Do the hidden tales and dreams still suddenly appear in today’s hurried footsteps?

With cup after cup of matcha milk tea by my side,
Each sip of its rich aroma charges my footsteps towards my dreams;
On the table, one after another, the “matcha milk tea” pearls,
Every touch of my fingertips is an attempt to savor life’s bittersweet moments.
May this refreshing green color, in the scorching summer days,
Add seven spoonfuls of sweetness to your life,
Along with an extra dose of chilled, carefree happiness.

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