Word has it that a bunch of berry fairies has popped up in the forest,
And guess what? They’ve got three little bunny pals too…

Little bunny Yaobai loves to play with the fairies,
Crimson berries take naps nestled between its long ears;
Grey bunny Erhui always wears a stoic expression, observing its companions from afar,
Its golden ear adornments shimmer and shine in the sunlight;
The two-dimensional bunny Yilan, with only outline contours, is a shy and introverted child,
Blushing, it gazes at the winged fairies, wondering if it too harbors dreams of flight.

Berry Bunnies are highly interactive keycaps with captivating visuals,
The three bunnies each possess unique personalities and distinct gestures.
Yaobai, pure white in color, sports a delightful crimson berry atop its head,
Erhui, though often expressionless, occasionally peeks and pokes with an inquisitive spirit.
Yilan, every time it appears, adorns its scarf in a different position, truly a stylish little girl.

Interwoven with shades of blueberry ranging from light to dark, complemented by a buttery shade of pale yellow,
Cream-colored characters mingling with an array of berries,
The keycap ensemble resembles a delectable blueberry cheesecake with creamy fruit toppings.
Apart from the lively bunnies, there’s a blueberry sliding down the K key like a slide,
Or a red berry skiing on the creamy frosting of the cake,
Adding a touch of whimsy to the scene,
As if behind each exquisite keycap lies a forest of blueberry cheesecake hues,
Where adorable bunnies and berry fairies dwell, accompanying every user,
Infusing their lives with the lively and sweet hues of a fairytale.

The combination of blueberry and buttery yellow colors on the keycaps, adorned with creamy characters and various berries, makes it feel like what lies before you isn’t just a keyboard but a delightful blueberry cheesecake. The interactive visuals of the Berry Bunnies are incredibly captivating, with three bunnies of distinct personalities and expressions, accompanied by winged berry fairies frolicking around, creating an immersive experience that transports users into a magical realm.

I wonder if you prefer little bunny Yaobai, with berries adorning its head,
Or grey bunny Erhui, sporting sparkling ear accessories,
Or perhaps the stylish bunny Yilan, with a different placement for its scarf every day?

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